Saturday, March 13, 2004

What is this world coming to? - Seven children among nine bodies in Fresno home - Mar 13, 2004

From the article: "The motive for the killings is unknown. Dyer said it might have been a ritual killing and Fresno Mayor Alan Autry said it appeared to be a domestic situation."

My take on the situation is this. The four women wanted their children back. He did not want to give up custody of the children. There were 10 coffins but only 9 bodies. I believe he was going to put all of them in the coffins and then kill himself. It's classic "if I can't have them nobody else can either" type behavior.

This kind of thing makes me sick. Apparently it made the police officers sick as well. Several of them went on administrative leave and asked for counseling. All the more reason we should support our local law enforcement agents. I certainly could not do their jobs.

Yeah but he still made $3 million - NHL - No play, no pay: Hasek rejects Detroit's checks

I think the thing that amuses me the most about this article is this comment from the team general manager ""I think it's an unbelievable gesture".

Actually this goaltender is very talented and one of the best that has ever played. His style is unconventional compared to other goalies. He also has a reputation for being an arrogant prick. I guess the unbelievable gesture on his part is that he's actually not being a prick for once. Go figure.

Still I wish I could work for 14 days and make $3 million. Don't you?

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

So I had my upper endoscopy today and it was the single most horrible experience I can ever recall having. The people in this outpatient center are very nice and I've had two colonoscopies with them before. Never did I have any problems. Everything was fine and dandy until they sedated me. When I had my colonoscopies the sedation took firm hold and I did not wake up until I was in the recovery area.

I woke up at least twice under the sedation and immediately started choking from this tube down my throat. I want to say it was painful too but that may just be my mind adding it as an afterthought. At one point I vomited and, at another, I believe I was actually fighting them because I wanted that tube OUT. I vaguely remember sobbing too. My throat hurts so bad right now, I can barely swallow.

I've read several experiences others have had with an upper endoscopy and they've all had such nice pleasant experiences with only a vague sore throat afterwards to remind them. I'm exhausted too. I came home and slept off and on for at least four hours. I only woke up to go to the bathroom (IV fluid and stuff to drink after the procedure). Now I have a headache and am waiting for the husband to come home with some throat lozenges for me.

What did I find out from the endoscopy? Well, there are a couple things that were readily visible. I will have to wait for the biopsy results for the main problem they were trying to either confirm or rule out (Celiac Disease). I have erosions in my esophogus from acid reflux disease, I have a small axial hiatal hernia and there was evidence of mild gastritis. I am now on Previcid for the acid reflux and the rest is just a waiting game. My hernia is small enough to not worry about right now. So that's that.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

It's about time - Sniper Muhammad sentenced to death - Mar 9, 2004

All I really have to say about this is, it's about time. How can that man sit there and claim he had nothing to do with those killings? It's unfathomable to me.. but then I do have a sense of human decency.

International Eat an Animal for PETA Day

I first saw about this over in Kate's Blog aka The Original Musings. You know, I'm perfectly happy to respect the vegeterian "lifestyle". Hell, I made sure to have vegeterian dishes at my wedding so that people who did not eat meat for personal, health or religious reasons (we did have a couple folks from India at our wedding) did not feel like they could only graze on salad. Being a vegeterian is not for me but, like I said, I have no problem with folks who are so long as they aren't trying to "convert" me. That annoys me as much as someone trying to push their religion at me and, believe me, some of these folks are as zealous as any religious nut.

So what the hell is PETA up to that set off THAT particular rant, you might ask? PETA is now likening the eating of meat to the, now hold on to your hats here, HOLOCAUST. Uhm, excuse me? Ask any Holocaust survivor (or their families) how the slaughtering of animals compares to the Holocaust. I bet the overwhelming majority of them won't see the comparison. This is insanity at it's best. Hell, my husband is Jewish and we both had a good laugh over the whole thing.

For a more comprehensive look at this (laughable) act by PETA, scoot on over to The Orignal Musings. Me, I'm going to sit here and gnaw on this rib.. from a cow. I leave you with this.