Saturday, March 13, 2004

What is this world coming to? - Seven children among nine bodies in Fresno home - Mar 13, 2004

From the article: "The motive for the killings is unknown. Dyer said it might have been a ritual killing and Fresno Mayor Alan Autry said it appeared to be a domestic situation."

My take on the situation is this. The four women wanted their children back. He did not want to give up custody of the children. There were 10 coffins but only 9 bodies. I believe he was going to put all of them in the coffins and then kill himself. It's classic "if I can't have them nobody else can either" type behavior.

This kind of thing makes me sick. Apparently it made the police officers sick as well. Several of them went on administrative leave and asked for counseling. All the more reason we should support our local law enforcement agents. I certainly could not do their jobs.

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