Sunday, February 22, 2004

I am the tanka.
The attention of others
Is unnerving, and
Since I try not to draw it,
I'm left alone. Which is good.
What Poetry Form Are You?

It told me if I were not a tanka I'd be a haiku. Go me.
I am in a ridiculous amount of pain this morning... abdominal pain that is. There are no drugs I can take to ease the pain or take the edge off it. I've tried. The doctors gave me vicodin and even morphocodone (the generic name for it) which is like vicodin but with morphine in it instead. They didn't even *help* and, since they are highly addictive, I stopped taking them when I realized they weren't going to stop the pain.

I should be in bed. I can't even *think* about sleeping right now, no matter how tired I am. There's absolutely *no* sleeping with this pain. It's the worst it's been in months right now. I'll be so glad for a diagnosis. I'm hoping my doctor can give me one soon. Unfortunately gastro problems are some of the hardest to diagnose because so many symptoms overlap and mimic each other for different disorders. I have a friend who *finally* got a diagnosis on her problem after 5 years. I'm going on three...

I know one of my friends on LJ understands what I'm going through even if our health problems are vastly different (::hugs to Angela::). It's frustrating as hell. I'm having more mood swings right now than a 15 year old girl. It's got to be hard on my husband too...