Thursday, March 25, 2004

Kids and drugs

Read this. If that isn't enough to set your teeth on edge, read this. Still not enough? Then read this and these kids aren't buying crack or marijuana.

I'm all for responsible drug use among adults (okay, so responsible is such a subjective term but still). I've smoked pot and probably would do so again. I don't think it should be in the hands of children and certainly not a kindergartener! What in the hell is wrong with parents these days? It's bad enough that many parents feel that video games, TV shows and the computer are acceptable substitutes for parental interaction with kids now they have to put illegal drugs in their hands?

Then there are the teenagers. I remember in high school the most dangerous thing we did was drink and think about licking these poisonous toads that secreted something that was akin to LSD (I never did, I was too much of a chicken and thought that was just really too gross). I never would have thought of using inhalant. This stuff causes brain damage and often death. I imagine their parents don't even notice because they are too caught up in their own lives to pay attention to what's going on with their own kids. "My Janie would never do drugs." Of course not you twit. She's not doing drugs, she's sniffing glue or spray paint.

My own daughter does not live with me. I try very hard, however, to instill good values in her. I try to encourage her to think for herself and not let her friends pressure her to do things she knows is wrong (or wrong for her at any rate). In the end, I have to trust in her judgment and hope she does the right thing. So, yeah, I'm not there all the time for her but I'm involved in her life. It's a shame that more parents can't find time to get involved in their own kids lives.

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