Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Political Leanings

I'm not going to talk about the elections OR how I voted. I will, however, go a little into my method of voting. I just know you all are dying to read this. :)

I am what I like to call the worlds biggest conservaliberal. I am surprisingly conservative and yet, have some big liberal leanings in certain areas. What those areas are, I care not to go into too much but I'm sure you can guess some of them.

I take naughty "smutty" pictures and create equally naughty "smutty" artwork. I write pornography. I support our troops, whether or not I agree 100% with the war they are fighting. I consider myself a patriot (which does not mean I blindly follow what the government tells me I should do, it means I love my country even for all its faults). I believe in a person's right to choose their religion. I believe in a woman's right to choose what to do with her body. I believe in love in all of it's myriad forms and know that it is not always boy/girl; sometimes it is boy/boy or girl/girl. I believe that Islamic terrorism is a real threat. I do NOT believe that Muslim automatically means terrorist. Nor do I believe that "Mexican" automatically means "illegal alien" but I do believe we need to tighten up our immigration process. I do not believe it is racist in the least to want to tighten up our immigration process. I believe in embryonic stem cell research but also understand the moral dilemma some may face on the issue. I believe in so much more but who has time for all of that? ;)

I do not tend to vote a "party line". I look at each candidate and then I vote for the one that most closely matches my own beliefs and ideals. Sometimes that candidate is Republican. Sometimes they are Democrat. Sometimes they are neither, though I've seen how little good it appears to do to vote for those "third" party candidates. I vote my heart and what I feel is best and I can not abide someone telling me how I SHOULD vote. It's my vote, not yours. Please respect my choices as I respect yours.

It might surprise some people to know that I care little for either political party and that I happen to dislike one much more than the other. I feel the two party system is no longer working for America but have no idea what I can do to help affect a change. I know I am not the only American that feels that way.

I understand that many people I know are very passionate about politics. I dislike discussing politics with people I really like. Generally because it leads to some nasty fights and misunderstandings. I've seen long time friendships destroyed by such fights so, please understand if I don't try to debate with any of you who may not agree with me. Politics are hard to keep "friendly".

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